3 Key Benefits of Pulp Packaging

If your business routinely ships goods or other products, you probably understand the importance of having a good quality packaging material to keep them safe during transport.  Finding an effective, affordable, and environmentally-safe material can be a challenge.  Fortunately, molded pulp ranks high in all three areas.  Whether you are just looking for a great shipping material or are searching for a better alternative, you will find pulp packaging to have three key advantages.

Excellent Performance

For those companies that ship frequently ship items to customers, having a packaging material that performs well is critical.  No manager wants to deal with the refunds and shrinkage associated with goods damaged during transport.  Importantly, pulp packaging performs its function extremely well.  With high marks in bracing, cushioning, and blocking, pulp can take a real beating during shipment and still effectively protect the goods inside.  Further, since this material is water-resistant and usable in any temperature, you can be confident that your company’s goods will safely reach the customer regardless of weather conditions or other elements.  Finally, because formed pulp is electrically neutral, you can be certain your goods will be safe against electrical charge buildup.

Practical Affordability

Most shipping materials require oil and chemistry to make.  These processes tend to ratchet up cost considerably.  Since the molded pulp manufacturer makes its product from easily-sourced raw materials, you can pick up this packaging for a reasonable price.  Thus, if you are using a more expensive alternative, you can realize an immediate cost savings simply by switching to pulp packaging.  Even better, this shipping material will save you money down the road.  Because the manufacturer makes pulp products to nest and not to require additional assembly, you will save a considerable amount in storage, shipping, and receiving costs.  Additionally, since the manufacturer forms pulp to meet the specific needs of your business, you will work with packaging that fits perfectly.  Because you will have much less waste, you will need to purchase less packaging.  Over time, that savings can add up to a real value.

Environmental Friendliness

If you are like most business owners these days, you realize the importance of having business processes that are friendly to the environmental.  Alternatively, you might sell to environmentally-conscious customers who demand friendly or neutral shipping products.  Either way, looking for environmentally-sound shipping materials is a great idea.  Typically, manufacturers create molded pulp packaging from 100 percent post-industrial raw materials.  Since these items are easy to source, the overall production of pulp packaging takes a lower toll on the environment than other materials.  Similarly, many manufacturers use a chemical-free pulping process with open-air drying, further diminishing the negative environmental effects of manufacturing.  Finally, pulp packaging is recyclable in two ways.  First, producers return scraps and excess material back into the manufacturing cycle.  Then, generally, the end-product is recyclable after your company has used it for shipping.

Business owners and managers are constantly looking for ways to improve their business processes.  A great place to start is by analyzing shipping needs and picking the best possible packaging.  For many companies, that is molded pulp.  With three clear advantages, this packaging material is a great solution.

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