5 Most Mind-Blowing Fashion Tips of All Time

Fashion trends come and go, but some advice endures. There are a few basic rules that every woman should know before considering herself fashionable. These tips are the very basics of fashion, but they will change the way you dress forever once you know them. Read on for the five fashion tips that will soon be shaping all of your fashion decisions.

Never Wear Anything That Creates A Square Silhouette

Square silhouettes come into fashion every few years and they always leave again soon after once everybody remembers how unflattering it is. The truth is that a woman is most attractive when she has a feminine shape, not the shape of a box. Box cut coats are especially popular and they are extremely unflattering. Rather choose a coat that creates a feminine figure and whatever you do, don’t wear shapeless puffer jackets. Here are a few examples of what a flattering coat looks like.3

Cleavage Or Legs, Never Both

Say what you will about this being old fashioned, but class will never go out of style. There is nothing wrong with wanting to accentuate your cleavage or your legs, but doing both at the same time cheapens any outfit in a hurry. Stick to this basic rule, especially for formal events, to stay classy and presentable. This should go without saying, but making sure your dress isn’t indecent forms a part of this rule. The goal is to show cleavage, not your entire chest. Likewise, no underwear should be showing when you’re showing off your legs. Even celebrities look bad when breaking this rule.

Don’t Buy Trends

Remember when everybody was wearing peplum? Now, peplum is considered out of date and you’ll struggle to find it on any red carpet or runway. Buying trends is a dangerous game since things go out of fashion in the blink of an eye. Stick to buying things that never go out of fashion in order to be safe. The only time you should buy a trend is if it’s truly flattering on your body type. Let’s be honest, peplum has always looked ridiculous.

Always Accessorize

You might have the best outfit in the world, but it will never look truly chic without a few accessories. Something as simple as a bracelet or plain earrings can take a look to the next level. Make sure your accessories match your clothing though and always match your handbag and sunglasses to the colors of your clothing.

Never Wear Socks With Open Toed Shoes

This has become a trend as well, but it will soon be gone again. Wearing socks with sandals or any other type of open toed shoes will always be disgraceful as a fashion choice. The only way socks can be worn with shoes other than boots and sneakers, is if those shoes are heeled and the socks in question are delicate and lacey. Even then it’s risky. Rather play it safe by saving your socks for boots.

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