The Benefits of Swaddling and What To Do When Your Baby Outgrows It

Swaddling is the process of wrapping a baby firmly with arms and legs tucked in. This is the first thing that is done when a baby is born because this firm wrapped helps baby to feel safe and secure in the outside world after being tucked away inside mom for the whole start of its life. It is also a good way to keep baby warm, which is a constant concern since temperature regulation can be a bit off in newborns. The benefits of swaddling are many, but there will come a time when baby no longer needs to be swaddled. So, here’s a look at the benefit and when to stop swaddling a baby.


Your baby just spent its whole life inside a snug and secure place. Once it is born, the world is big and scary. There are a lot of noises and the baby can move its body in ways it couldn’t before, which can be very scary. When you swaddle, you provide comfort and give your baby a feeling that is a lot like that in the womb. This comes with many benefits.

Your baby will feel more secure, which will help to keep him or her calm and enable longer sleep times. Babies who are swaddled won’t be able to scratch their faces with their tiny yet sharp fingernails. There are also fewer instances of the startle reflex, which helps reduce the baby’s anxiety and improves sleep. It encourages back sleeping positions, which have been deemed the best way to help prevent SIDS. It also encourages self-soothing, which can help reduce crying issues.

When It Is Time To Stop

Eventually, your baby will begin to grow and change and you may begin to wonder when to stop swaddling a baby. As this happens, swaddling becomes less important and more difficult to do. You will notice baby is moving more and wants to be able to freely move. These are great indicators that your baby is ready to be done with swaddling.

If you aren’t sure when do you stop swaddling, there are some things you can try to test things out and see how your baby feels. Start with swaddling baby with one arm out. Check on baby and watch over him or her to see if this is something that works. If this is good, then you can move to no arms in. Let baby get used to this. From here, you can move to using a sleep sack that allows free movements but still keeps baby nicely covered so he or she doesn’t get cold.

It can be tough to know when to stop swaddling a baby, but usually baby will give you signs. Swaddling no doubt offers some great benefits for newborns, but because baby will grow so quickly and change so much in those first months, he or she will grow out of the need to be swaddled. This is simply a great sign that baby is getting used to the world and is ready to begin exploring it.

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