Traditionally, the fobs on car keys were just a decorative touch to give the set of keys a sense of stylish personality. Older key fobs had flashlights, compasses, and even bottle openers as a way of providing additional function to the car owner. Sometimes the key fobs represented the car owner’s football team among other hobbies. However, with the advancement of wireless technology, car manufacturers have turned the fobs into a functional unit with the responsibility of allowing the driver to access his vehicle remotely.

Modern fobs serve a multitude of functions for the driver. They allow the driver to lock and unlock his/her car even when they are at a distance from the vehicle. In addition, some fobs can even remotely start the engine using a process called a remote keyless ignition. They can also be used to open trunks. However, like any device, your car key fob can be damaged, or even worse, it can get lost. Since they are such an essential part of any modern car, it can be devastating to lose the functionality of the car key fobs. The following are some steps that you can use to choose the right car key fob replacement.


When you discover that your key fob is damaged or is lost, you have the option of going to the dealer who sold you the car. Prices for the fob replacement will be higher at the dealers but you are guaranteed that you will get the right fob for your car. Alternatively, if you have a used car or an older model of a vehicle, you can search for its replacement on the Internet, where you are sure of getting discount prices for the replacement.


Once you have found the replacement fob, you will need to find a way to reprogram it in order for it to communicate with the car and grant you access to your vehicle. Every vehicle has different instructions for the re-programming process. If you chose to get the replacement at the dealership, then the dealer will most probably re-configure the fob on your behalf.

However, if you purchased the fob replacement online then you have two options. The first option is to look for fob replacement specialists in your area who can reprogram the fob for you. For instance, if you live in the Naples region, simply search for car key fob replacement Naples on the Internet. When looking for the right specialist inform the candidates about the make and model of your car, so that, they come prepared with the specific instructions on how to reprogram your fob. You will have to pay the specialist for the reprograming services rendered.

The second option is to reprogram the fob by you. Go through your owners’ instruction manual where you will find instructions on how to program the fob. If you do not find the instructions in your manual, then you can contact the manufacturer to send you the instructions directly. You can also search online for the specific instructions using your car’s make and model to narrow the search.

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