Cloud Hosting FAQs

A new technological breakthrough in information storage is called the cloud. Basically, it is just virtual storage space. The cloudcan also provide software programs that you can use and store in the cloud. The concept is rather abstract, but once you start using the cloud, it becomes clearer. In order to really understand what the cloud is and how software, like ERP in the cloud, work, here are some frequently asked questions that can clear things up for you.

What Is the Cloud?

The cloud is space on a server. It can be compared to renting. If you rent a house, you are simply renting time to live in that house without actually owning it. When you use the cloud, you are simply using some of the storage space without having to buy your own server. There are multiple “clouds.” The single word “cloud” just refers to whatever cloud service you are using.

Why Should I Use Software in the Cloud?

When you use software that is in the cloud, like ERP in cloud, you don’t have to install it on every device your use. Instead, all the information remains in the cloud, so anyone you give permission can access it. That means that if you are away from your computer, you could pull it up on your mobile device or you could have someone else pull it up on their computer.

What About Security?

As with any other online service, the cloud you are using will have security in place to ensure hackers and other unauthorized users cannot access the information you have saved in your account. You will have a user name and password that you use to access the information you have saved on the cloud. Private cloud services usually operate behind a firewall and have advanced security in place like any other internet service would have. Make sure that you always check out your service’s security before signing up.

How Much Does It Cost?

Costs can vary depending on the service you use and what you are using it for. You may pay extra for applications like ERP on the cloud, data processing or other software. Some service charge by the hour while others charge based on storage space.

Can I Change What I Keep in the Cloud?

Yes. Any information you put in the cloud can be changed. Because you can run software in the cloud, you can work directly in the cloud without having to download the software onto your computer. This is part of what makes the cloud so nice. It is very flexible and serves as a virtual computer where you can keep all your software and records that typically hog space on your physical computer.

Getting started with the cloud can be intimidating at first, but if you choose a good service, you will soon find that it is very convenient and nice to work in the cloud. Whether you are using the cloud to store data or use a software program, like ERP in the cloud, it can be a handy part of your company’s IT solutions.

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