College term papers are integral in molding students into excellent academicians. The skills gained from writing several of these papers plays a huge role in making the students viable for the job market. In addition, the students will use these skills in their daily tasks throughout the entirety of their careers, regardless of the profession they choose to pursue. However, many students do not take writing college term papers as seriously as they should, and they end up making several mistakes in their essays, which can cost them good grades. The following are some common mistakes that you should avoid when writing your college term paper in order to ensure that you get a good grade in the paper, and acquire the necessary skills derived from this form of writing.

  • Not following the instructions – one major mistake that students make when writing term papers that cost them the grades they deserve, is failing to adhere to the instructions. This could stem from not reading the instructions carefully enough, or failing to understand what the instructions require from the student.
  • Poorly structured introductions and conclusions –another common mistake college students make when writing their term papers is failing to take the time to write out convincing, definitive, and authoritative introductions and conclusions. A term paper requires an attention-grabbing introduction to hook the readers. In addition, it needs a strong conclusion with something the readers can ponder over even after they have completed reading the essay.
  • Incorrect use of paragraph breaks – some students are unaware of the function of a paragraph break in an essay. Every new paragraph should present a new idea, and the student has to ensure that every paragraph relates to the thesis of the paper. Another mistake students make with paragraphs is making them too long. There should be more than one paragraph in every page, so that the term paper is easy to read.
  • Not proofreading- proofreading is an integral step in the writing of every college term paper. proofreading the paper helps identify annoying writing mistakes such as spelling errors, improper use of commas, use of contractions, and grammar mistakes. If the student wants to increase his/her chances of getting a good grade, then they will need to proofread their work in order to get rid of these mistakes. Many of these mistakes are avoidable, and if they are present, then they will cost the student considerable points.

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