Explore The World Of Editing Jobs Online – Know How To Land The Best Job For You!

Be it magazines and journals of top publishing houses or movie scripts and advertisements, all of the field these days require the best editors to make sure that their written materials are of top quality. If you too want to start your career in the editing field and become a top notch editor, it is vital for you to know different types of editing positions as well as the responsibilities that come with them.

Executive Editors

An executive officer, also referred to as editor-in-chief is normally in command of a publication like magazine, newspaper, or a publishing company. Depending on the company size, the editor-in-chief can fill similar roles as copy editor. However, they play managerial role. They hold integral duties like building editorial team, approving final drafts, assigning the editors and writers to particular projects, etc as their regular responsibilities.

Copy Editors

Copy editors improve or enhance written works by keeping a careful eye on text’s spellings, format, grammar, as well as overall style. Overall, the major responsibility of them is to proofread the text for the common errors. They also require to fact check the written material for the erroneous information.

While working for magazines or newspapers, they can even work with page designers or photographers to make suitable page layout for text. So, apart from having a sharp eye for the details, the copy editor should have a unique sense of style!

Acquisitions Editors

Acquisitions editors, also termed as commissioning editors are normally the gatekeepers in a publishing company. Their main job is to review the submitted material and send approved scripts on other editing levels. In some of the publishing companies, the acquisitions editor’s job can even include finding the contributors. Since this job requires reaching out to the potential writers, it will need great communication skills.

Developmental editors

The role of Developmental editors is to help the writers to restructure their manuscripts. Most of their tasks involve around editing of the content. In the absence of copy editor or a line editor, development editor can also examine manuscript on sentence level to check out for grammar and spelling errors.

Best tips for getting best editing jobs

So, now you have basic knowledge about editing field, isn’t it? You may definitely want to know how you can get the best job for you among so many editing jobs online. The following tips will help you get the best out of the jobs available.

  • Write an excellent resume – When applying for the entry level jobs, your resume should be one of the key things that you focus on. After all, it is the first thing that the potential employers are likely going to see.
  • Prepare for the interview well – Make sure to take out proper time to prepare for your interview well. You should be able to give quality answers to the questions of the employers.

There is much more in the world of editing jobs. If you too want to break into it, make sure that your work stands out among others!

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