Invest on Best Designs of Bangles and Bracelets to Wear Them According to the Occasion

As festive season is nearby, there is a huge crowd that you can see in the market mostly of women searching for designer dresses with matching accessories. All of them want to look the best and purchase items like a spendthrift. Their main attraction is jewellery. Beautiful necklace piece and bracelets have to be the colour of their dress.

The melodious tinkling jingles of bangles are clear indication of festive mood. They are generally made of glass because that was the cheapest material that could be worn by everyone. Although the importance of glass is still there, but to make it more fashionable different metals were used to make different bracelets.

With the fashion trend changing every season, the designs and patterns of every metal bangle changes too. Bangle bracelets are part of culture and tradition in India. It’s treated as an awful omen for married females, who don’t wear them. Whether it is gold or glass bangles, it represents a husband’s fortune.

There are different styles, colours and patterns available in the market. You can select the best of your choice. They are worn either solo when you don’t want to look too ethnic or casual, especially for women who work outside. Also, you can wear it in multiples, which are worn mainly on any occasion.

There are various bangles designs that you can avail. –

  • Special occasion
  • Casual
  • Gemstone
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Special occasion

There are certain classic bangle bracelets only for special occasions. Women love to show their different jewellery set to their female friends. Therefore, they prefer gorgeous and exquisite bracelets for special occasions.


These bangles are required for daily life. They can be worn by everyone for any purpose. They can be metal, gold or glass, their casual effect brings them in daily life.


Gemstone bangles are for women, who want to add glamour in their look. Different colours of gems add an extra oomph factor. Most of traditional bridal jewellery has gems carved in it.


Gold bangles are significance of sophistication and elegance. Gold in Indian culture has more importance than diamond or silver. On any festive occasion, women prefer wearing gold because it goes with any attire. Its bright yellow colour gives a sparkling look to feminism.


Diamond bangles have also gained importance recently in the Indian market. Mostly females wear a single diamond bracelet for daily purpose. It not only looks good, but also doesn’t let you change daily with every attire. Whether it is office or home, females never have time to change their jewellery every time they change their dress. Therefore, they prefer one such common accessory that can carry the entire week.

Today, internet has become the world of knowledge and awareness for everyone. Internet has made several people’s life easy by giving them the chance to search anything online. You can get various types of bangles online. However, most of us are confused looking at the bangles price. There are many reputed stores who give different patterns and designs of bangle bracelets at a reasonable price. All you have to do is spend some time searching for the best price.

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