Offer Good Customer Service In Your Restaurant

One of the most salient features for the success and popularity of your restaurant is good customer service. This should be kept in mind if you want your customers to keep on coming back to you over and over again. It is important for you as the owner of the restaurant to effectively train and develop your staff on a regular basis. They too should be equipped to handle customer issues without having to call for your help all the time. Delegation of authorities will help you in the above aspect. You may hire skilled and experienced staff to manage complaints and resolve issues that may crop up from time to time!

Look into the issues of the customer

Bob Sambol is one of the most famous and popular restaurateurs in Dallas. He says that one of the major issues that customers complain about is the food and the décor. You should ensure that you have them fresh and clean. You may have to do the supervision alone if you do not have a restaurant manager. Good food will make your customers loyal to your restaurant. They will keep on coming back for more and more. You may keep a customer feedback form that will give you an insight into how your guests feel about your restaurant. This will also help you measure the number of customer complaints and appreciation you receive. There are several kinds of promotional activities that you can do for your restaurant. One can be to introduce happy hours or provide a catering service for personal and professional events.

Maintain the highest standards of customer service

It is important for you to train your staff if you are looking for good customer service. The staff should be well groomed and they should maintain the highest levels of personal grooming and hygiene when they are serving your customers. It has often been seen that customers find complaints with even very small things. However, Bob Sambol says that even if you do not agree with them, the customer is the king. You need to make them happy so that they keep on coming back to you. He says that for his restaurant he regularly holds training programs for his staff to become aware on how to tackle with these problems and get into resolving them. Skilled and experienced staff also get an opportunity to teach fresh recruits.

Be a responsible restaurant manager and owner always!

Bob Sambol says that as a restaurant manager you should also speak with the customers and find out how they find your restaurant. It is important for you to focus on the issues so that you get an idea on how to rectify them and exceed the expectations of the customer. With the aid of the above tips, you effectively are able to get the best for your customer and staff at the same time. You staff will also become confident and they will develop the skills of good customer service in them too.

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