Precautions to Take While Matched Betting and Avoid Common Pitfalls

Matched betting guarantees profit, but you can lose due to careless mistakes. Here is a brief guide put together, which ensures that you don’t make errors.

Read T&C’s

Free bets are accompanied with specific T&Cs. It is necessary to read them before placing match betting. People make error in placing back bet below minimum odd requirements.

Check expiry dates

Don’t forget to double check promotion period dates. It is better to use free bets the moment they are awarded.

Place bet on correct race or game

Lots of different matches and games are shown on a single page, but you can mistakenly place a bet on an incorrect game because the odds are very similar. Therefore, it is wise to scan each bet quickly before placing.

Confirm your bets

It is a simple thing, but the most ignored aspect. After you place a bet, it is essential to confirm with the bookmakers and the betting exchanges. It is possible that your bet will not be placed. Therefore, make a routine to confirm the bets made, prior moving to make the next offer.

Laying wrong bet

A punter places a back bet with the bookies and accidentally places lay bet on wrong selection. It often happens, when you bet on horse racing sports. If this happens, there is no need to panic, if this error gets detected some time before the race or match.

Many people will place bets close to start time and it is possible your bet will be matched. In case, there is no sufficient time or the bet is for large amount use match calculator. Enter the matched amount and the calculator will help to work out lay bets at different odds.

Calculate free bet correctly

When you calculate your bets check, if it is in correct mode.

Never ignore to lay accumulator bet

Several different lay stakes need to be placed, in a row. When you make use of this advanced matched betting strategy ensure to have a strong system like phone reminders for laying bets subsequently. Check what time match starts in advance before you discover at dawn that the game took place overnight.

Last minute horse racing

When you place bet on horse race, when it is about to begin then it is necessary to be careful. The odds drift very quickly in the start. This means your calculations may not be accurate. Therefore work in advance, whether you require putting down less or more lay bet in case odds changed, after back bet is placed.

Avoid gamble

Technically, matched betting is a gamble. Bookmakers attract you with offers of free bets. They wish you take chances on one more spin. This is how they earn profits and bettors lose money.

Never forget, you signed with a matched betting service to earn profits, which means place bet with open eyes. Avoid desperation to win back lost money and risk your accumulated profits on this game of chance.

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