Qualities You Desire in a Pastor

A person needs to believe in the healing touch of God to survive. A pastor can help you get relief from all your pain through the healing touch of God. But how do you find a good pastor? What are the qualities of a good pastor?

Here are some crucial qualities that you desire in a pastor.

1.   Treat you with Love: A good pastor is one who loves you and has time to listen to your problems and solve them. If you know your pastor have love for you then you know everything will fall in place and you will be healed. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy is a healing minister who understands your problems and helps you out with all the love and affection to experience a purposeful life in God’s word.

  1. Excellent Preaching Ability: Preaching is not something that comes easily to everyone. A good pastor is one who has excellent preaching capability. He should be able to teach you the power of God and help you to lead a meaningful and purposeful life in a way Jesus Christ wants his followers to do. An efficient pastor should be able to efficiently communicate with a large group of people and help them understand the teachings of Jesus Christ and make them believe in God’s words.
  2. Strong Character: A pastor should be one with a strong character who can help people overcome their problems. If a person is having his own problems and is morally weak, then there is no way he can help you overcome your problems and show the right path of God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is man of strong character who has held massive teaching and healing programs all around the world. He is a pastor who had conducted events like the Night of Bliss and Higher Life conference that had more than 3.5 million devotees.


  1. Joyful in Nature: A joyous pastor can often help you solve your problems easily. The joy, enthusiasm and positive vibes of a pastor is easily passed on to people who need the blessings of God to come back into life and live a life of happiness. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a man of high qualities and enthusiastic in nature. With his enthusiasm, Pastor Chris can bring joy and happiness in your life and help you heal through the gifts of God.


  1. Healing Ability: Healing people and making them believe in the words of the Lord is a special quality that a pastor should have. Not everyone is capable of making you believe in God even when you are facing hundreds of problems in life. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, with his strong knowledge and faith in God, can easily find a solution to your problems and help you heal. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has helped many people receive the healing touch through the preaching of God. Many people who are left with no option in life have been healed by the power of God in various healing sessions conducted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome all over the world.
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