The Three Tenets of Public Relations


If you’re a small firm, you probably don’t have a hard time relating to your customers. They most likely feel comfortable working with you because you’re more than a name. You’re a well-known face and a business they know and trust. However, if you’re a large company that serves hundreds or even thousands of clients, it’s impossible to connect personally with each one of them, but that doesn’t mean your communication has to be any less effective. Working with public relations firms ensures that your customers feel valued by your business and shows you’re concerned with making sure they have all the information they need, especially in times of crisis. Finding the right public affairs consultant involves making sure he or she subscribes to three important tenets of public relations.

Urgency in an Emergency

Regardless of your industry, sometimes something happens and you need to reassure your customers that you’re prepared to handle the incident and protect them from any negative repercussions. If you lack the manpower to do this, a public relations company can help you reach out to your customers through the platform that will reach them best. Your consultant should be able to quickly assess the situation and find the most effective way to keep your public informed, whether it’s through social media or even a press conference if word needs to get out quickly. If you do not have the necessary resources, he or she will help you get them because it’s important to understand and respect urgency.

Company Experience

The public affairs consultant you work with should be able to show an extensive profile of agencies and industries he or she has worked with in the past. Navigating a variety of complex challenges and appropriately responding to incidents should be highlighted throughout his or her profile. Many public relations firms have dealt with small and large businesses alike and all of their consultants should be well-trained to acclimate to any corporate environment and represent the company accordingly. A public affairs person with an inability to reassure and reaffirm might stand out to clients and make them lose trust in your commitment to them.

Insightful Intelligence

In order to work in public relations, consultants should have a certain degree of street smarts. Possessing a blend of common sense and industry knowledge helps determine their decisions and courses of action when it comes to working on behalf of a company. Additionally, being able to anticipate emergencies should be second nature. Even before you know how to handle the situation, those who work in public relations firms will know what to say, how to address the public and, most importantly, how to bring about resolution as soon as possible so business can get back to normal. Your customers will appreciate not only the timely response, but also your dedication to keeping them informed.

Protecting Your Company

Primarily, working with a public relations company gives you a way to connect with your clients even when they are innumerable. It helps build trust and cements your business as one that puts customers first and commits to complete transparency without sacrificing integrity.

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