You have probably heard stories about schoolmates being expelled because they bought a paper online, presented it to their professor, only to be told that it was plagiarized. Several online academic writing companies are serial plagiarists, which may end up hurting the academic progress of a student. However, there are several academic writing sites that offer quality services, and the following are some tips on how you can weed the bad from the good academic writing sites.

a.  Analyze the company’s credentials

Before you settle on any online writing company, it is imperative that you go through the credentials of the company. These credentials will include the sample essays provided on the company’s website, its testimonials, as well as the type of services that the company render. Do not heavily rely on a company’s claimed returns because such statistics may be misleading.

b. Check the prices

Go through the company’s website to determine the average price the company sells its services for. Only go for companies that charge average industry prices for different types of essays and writing services. You need to also confirm that there are no hidden costs before you order a paper from a specific website.

c. Analyze the company’s accessibility

Another factor that you should consider before hiring an online writing company to write your essay is the company’s accessibility. Ensure that the company offers 24/7 online customer support before hiring it. In addition, check if there are any other avenues that you can use to get in touch with the company such as direct telephone line or e-mail. A company with more than one avenue for communication is usually very reliable, and all your queries regarding the progress of your order will be answered promptly.

d.  Assess the privacy policy of the company

You should only buy an essay from an online writing company that guarantees that your status as a customer is kept private. If the company does not have such a policy, you run the risk of having your status as well as personal details exposed on the Internet. If your tutor finds your details online in connection with such a company, then he/she is bound to fail you or even worse, demand your expulsion from your school.

e.  Assess the company’s specialization

Some of the essays you are required to write may be of a technical nature or on uncommon subjects. You need to investigate whether the company has writers who have specialized in the field you need an essay in. you can do this by searching for sample essays on the subject in the company’s website. Furthermore, as the client, you will need to investigate if the writer is capable of working with your explicit instructions and requirements.


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