Top Seafood Selections in a Thai Food Menu

When one speaks of Thai food, the first thing comes to mind is noodles, followed by an array of sweet and savoury meat dishes. But guess what: the cuisine also offers various seafood meals that you won’t be able to miss out on. This is because Thais have their own way of making fish and seafood burst with flavour, and this is something your taste buds must definitely experience.

But which seafood treats should you try when dining at a Thai restaurant in Singapore? Here are the top selections to check out:

Geng Som Pla

Geng Som Pla is the perfect appetizer, as it consists of a hot and sour soup. It is a bowl of seafood soup that gets its flavours from lime, orange and other citrus zests, and made spicy by red chilli peppers. While traditionally it uses chicken stock for the base, today’s restaurants offer it in full seafood foundations, i.e. using shrimp paste for the base and different seafood items to serve as the meat.

You may also choose which seafood to be added on your soup-popular add-ons are fish, prawns, and in squid.Image result for Top Seafood Selections in a Thai Food Menu

Fish and Crab Cakes

Popular in snack stalls, Thai fish and crab cakes come in different sizes, but all give off the same savoury flavour. The crab cakes are often served in restaurants as midday snacks or as appetizers, while the fish cakes are found in street markets and eaten on the go.

Regardless, fish and crab cakes can be very filling, and if you are looking for a quick hearty snack, then these are the top choices to munch.

Pla Pao

Meanwhile, if you are looking for grilled fish, then you may want to try out Pla Pao. This is Thailand’s answer to all the other grilled fish versions of the world, and yes, it also comes with a unique concoction of spices that give the dish its signature taste.

Pla Pao consists of crushed lemongrass stalks stuffed inside the fish, while it is coated with salt and paper and roasted over low burning coals. You will notice that the skin can be easily removed from the flesh once it is served, and you can grab a chunk of it and dip it on soy sauce or sweet and sour chilli sauce.Image result for Top Seafood Selections in a Thai Food Menu

Pla Duk Yang

Not really a product of the sea, but the Pla Duk Yang still makes it on this list. Pla Duk Yang consists of catfish (which is technically a freshwater fish) that is smoked to perfection, and is eaten fresh from the grill. What is amazing about this dish is that the flesh of the catfish remains firm even after hours of being smoked, while its skin becomes crunchy and golden as it cooks. Some foreign eaters find it an addicting dish, and they often pair with a bowl of hot steamed rice.

Miang Pla Too

Meanwhile, if you want a complete but light meal, then you should go for the Miang Pla Too. While seemingly a small meal package, this dish has a lot to offer. A serving of this dish includes deep fried mackerel, lettuce and cabbage leaves, soft rice noodles, and an array of herbs.

The Miang Pla Too is eaten in a similar way as tacos, where you fill up a piece of lettuce with noodles, a piece of fish and herbs, the dip in chilli lime sauce. You may want to look for this dish in a Thai restaurant in Singapore in case you want to fill up your stomach with a light but complete meal.

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