Vacation and Volunteer in Beautiful Costa Rica

Whether you truly want to change the world, or are simply looking for a way to get a fantastic vacation at a great price, choosing to volunteer in Costa Rica might meet all of your needs. Even if you don’t begin the journey with a focus on how you can directly affect change in a small community, in the lives of children and adults in need or even on the lives of endangered animals, you will soon find the extraordinary reward for helping others is impossible to quantify. Volunteer vacations can be booked by young travelers just starting out on their own, and by seasoned professionals looking for an opportunity to give something back. Projects include community development, healthcare, childcare and education, sports and fitness, and environmental options that ensure something that fits the interest and qualifications of just about any volunteer. Even if you don’t think you have any specific talent, there is a way you can help others by choosing to volunteer in Costa Rica.Image result for Beautiful Costa Rica

The small towns of Costa Rica provide a view into an entirely different lifestyle than most travelers are familiar with. The people here understand the value of loving a lot while having little. The simplicity of life here is contagious and you may find when you go home that what you consider necessary and important has greatly changed. Simplification can be greatly liberating. You will hear the words Pura Vida used as a greeting, and almost as a prayer. The essences of the words that simply mean pure life, speak to the nature of Costa Rican living. Take time to breath, watch the water, the birds and the lizards without guilt of what you should be spending your time doing.

If you choose to volunteer in Costa Rica, you may find it difficult to leave, one participant stated that “I wish I would not have purchased a return ticket, so I could have stayed longer.” While another admitted “every place I visited…was spectacular in its own way.” Sentiments such as this are echoed by many other travelers who have taken advantage of one of the best-kept secrets of traveling in an extremely cost-effective and safe way. You will be met at the airport and your housing and food are included. Though you are responsible much of the time for your own travel, this allows for a sense of freedom and mobility that would otherwise be missing from your experience. Whether you want to stay with a local family, and immerse yourself in the language and culture, or prefer to stay in a dorm with other volunteers this vacation is one you will find truly rewarding.

For those who volunteer in Costa Rica there is a deeper sense of purpose and the knowledge that lives have been changed by your presence. One small gift of time that will make a lasting impression on all those involved. Give something of yourself and receive a whole new outlook on life.

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