Various Factors That You Should Consider When Drafting A Speech

Speech is one of the powerful assets in one’s personality that when used in the right way can provoke people to adopt and act on a particular view point. When executed in the right way it can provide significant information to them and generate goodwill among people. To make your speech powerful, there are certain factors which when taken care of, can make it more effective.

Keep audience in your mind

Know about the age groups of people you would be targeting with your speech.  Depending on the maturity and understanding level of the audience, you need to do the selection of words. Conversational English without the use of business jargon would make it very easy for the people to understand. This help in putting across your point in an effective way.

Should accommodate the style of the speaker

If you are writing a speech for another person, then you should be able to keep in mind their speaking style. This can be forceful or calm style, short or lengthy, etc. Draft your speech in accordance with the speed and vocal rhythm of the speaker.

If you can get recordings of the speaker, then it would be very helpful in knowing their style and preparing the speech to suit their style. Visit, one of the most renowned and trusted firms that offer state of the art speech drafting services to their clients.

Be focused and result oriented

If the speech diverts its goal, then it will not be able to cast the desired influence on the minds of people. To get the best results, you need to determine the objective of the speech and construct its elements in a way that ensures it serves its objective.


This is another very important aspect of speech. First, you need to know the time allocated to deliver the speech. Accordingly, you construct the various parts of the speech such as introduction, body, and conclusion.

Also, note that how many words a speaker can speak in a minute. This will help you better plan and prepare a speech.


Even if you have drafted a phenomenal speech, but the speaker is not able to read it properly, then it is of no use. Ensure that your writing is clear and the speaker will be able to read it properly without any difficulty.

Some of the things that you can make your words easy to read are to choose the right font, enlarge the font size, insert proper spaces, etc. Another effective tip is to use words instead of numbers such as four million in place of 4 million. This makes it easy to comprehend and read.

A well-written speech helps you connect with the audience in the better way. It assists one in the accomplishment of the objectives in the best way. So, if you want to make your speech effective and impressive, above mentioned tips will prove to be of great help.

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